Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunburns after summer

I'm sunburned.

We went to Venice Beach today, and why would I wear sunscreen just cause I'm going to be walking around in the sun for 4 hours?

I'm an idiot.

I think in my mind you can't get sunburned after August, cause that's when summer is over. Clearly, not the case.

And I don't really understand the appeal of Venice Beach. Except that I just spent
my day there, what does that say about me?

And so the weekend is over.

Oh and I didn't go to my reunion, chose instead to go to dinner for a friends 30th birthday.

It was not the best choice.

The thing is, nobody knew details of the reunion until like the second week of September. At which point I had already committed to going to this "party" for a friend of mine. It was supposed to be a big deal. Then I found out that the tickets for the reunion were over $100 bucks and I wasn't convinced that it would be worth it. Nobody I cared about was going and I kind of thought it would just be people getting drunk and being fake...which didn't sound like too much fun. Plus it was on a boat, which meant that once you were on you couldn't leave until the boat docked again. So I attempted to be cheap about things and stuck with the plan to go to the party (which I assumed would cost only the price of a gift). Plus I had already said I would go...and it felt like the right thing to do.

Except that it ended up not being a party. It turned into a surprise dinner. At an expensive restaurant.

Off of the 14 freeway.

Which, for any one that lives around here knows, was effected by the huge accident on the 5 on Friday night. So, what should have taken a half hour took more like and hour and a half.

And only 11 people showed up (and 8 of them were dull). And the food wasn't that good. And we each paid for ourselves...except that you know that moment when a check comes and everyone pitches in what they think they owe but inevitably it's always short. It's like people don't factor in tax or tip or a drink and their steak was 22 bucks so they give 22. Come on! So a few select people end up chipping in more so we don't have to sit there any more.

In the end it cost me 50 dollars. Five zero. For one mediocre meal. Plus a gift.

And then this morning I found out that the reunion was a blast. Urg.

Oh well, I guess what's done is done.

Now I need aloe vera. And sleep.

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SpooWriter said...

I didn't go to my reunion 'cause I hate parties (especially of more than 5 or so people) and 'cause you have to drag me by the ear to go ANYwhere to be social -- let alone a reunion.

...then I found out that the guy I had a horrible crush on is still single and studying to be a doctor -- and that his mom works in the same school district as me.

So, yeah.

And -- of course you can't walk around on the beach for 4 hours and not get sunburned. You can't for the same reason I can't -- you're a blonde white girl. ;-)