Thursday, October 4, 2007

house full of Tommy lovers

Carrie is with Jeff tonight so I thought I might take the kids to the homecoming pep rally/bon fire over at Alemany. But it didn't start till 7:30 which would obliterate the 8:00 pm bedtime we have around here so we went over to the Shanahans instead.

We haven't been over there in awhile and I forget how much the kids idolize Tom. In their eyes he can do no wrong. The cool stuff he does is good, the bad stuff he does is good. He could eat dog hair for dinner and they'd be asking for it the next night.

He climbs the flag pole in front of their house like it's nothing (it's taller than the house!) so Gentry has been trying and trying for the past year or so to climb it. He can't ever get more than two feet or so off of the ground but he definitely gets an A for effort. I think he worked at it for about 45 minutes tonight before ditching the pole to go ride scooters with McKay and Tommy.

They would race up and down the sidewalk on their razors and then wrestle in the grass for a bit or kick the soccer ball around and then go back to racing. Non stop action for at least 2 hours. They are exhausted.

Not many 15 year olds would give a 4 and 6 year old the time of day, but Tom always makes time for them. Sometimes I cringe at the choices they all make together but I usually just let it go because they don't have a lot of male influences and I don't want to be a party pooper. Tonight I'm extra grateful for the energy that was burned because I'm in kind of a bad mood and they took baths and read stories without arguing and have both been sound asleep since 10 minutes of 8.

Tommy's my hero too.

And I went to the gym this morning. In case you were wondering. That's two days in a row. As in back-to-back. And if I go again tomorrow?? and the day after that? That'd almost be like not wasting the 40 something dollars I pay every month. Hmmm.

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