Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy hump day

The weather was beautiful today. It was in the 80's. It's almost 6pm and this is the first time we've been inside all day. Love days like this.

I took Gentry to the park this morning. It was full of people. Mostly moms and their preschoolers.

As I watched and listened to everything going on I noticed something kind of interesting. People don't call their kids by their names! I mean they do occasionally but for the most part I heard more nicknames than real names being called out (unless a particular kid was doing something really rotten...then the whole real name came out-first and middle).

I started to think about it and I'm totally guilty of it too. I'm surprised the boys even know what their names are! McKay answers to Kay-Kay, cake, cakie, Stewie, Bubba, and chubs, just to name a few. And when I say he answers to them I mean without skipping a beat he will respond to all of those. Same thing with Gentry. He's Bean, Turtle dove, monkey, doodle, Wallace, Beanicus, and G-E-N-T-R-Y (because he tells everyone everywhere how to spell his name). As a duo they will respond to Boise Idaho (I don't even know how that started), Lankers, and DD.

I would say they are probably called by one nickname or another about 85% of the time.

And yet somehow they know their real names. They never question the nicknames.

I hope I'm not setting them up for some sort of identity crisis in the future!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Just another perk of living in CA

I have this really weird feeling that we are about to have an earthquake.

I think it might be stemming from the fact that I just realized that since we have been back from Albuquerque (as in moved back, not back from vacation- so almost two years ago) we haven't had one that was big enough to make me take notice. In fact neither of the boys has ever felt one. We have talked about them plenty, and discussed what to do when it happens (cause it will happen...) but I think living out of state for a few years sort of made me let my guard down. I was looking around the house today and realizing that I probably have WAY too many picture frames on the wall.

I remember after the Northridge earthquake I slept with my shoes by the bed and knew where at least 10 flashlights were at any given time. Now, I know where exactly two flashlights are and I'm lucky if my shoes are together as a pair somewhere.

The only positive thing that would come from us having an earthquake right now is that you wouldn't be able to tell in the boys room. It already looks like some kind of natural disaster has occurred.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Little road trip. stupid photobucket.

I'm back! It only took 9 days this time...that's an improvement.
Actually, I wrote a big fat post yesterday that was full of nothing nice and I deleted it. So, since today was a zillion times better than yesterday I'm back to post about happy things!

We went to Santa Barbara today. It wasn't a planned thing. My plans for the day consisted of laundry and grocery shopping and possibly a trip to library. But we were eating breakfast and my mom called and said she was bored and wanted to get out of the house. She's been wanting to go to the Santa Barbara zoo for awhile now, so even though it was chilly and cloudy we decided to go. I'm pretty much always game for anything that gets me out of doing laundry!

We had so much fun! I love the Santa Barbara Zoo. I know the San Diego zoo is supposed to be so phenomenal, but I'm really not that impressed with it. It might have something to do with the fact that it's so big and we usually end up going on really hot days when none of the animals are very active. But anyway, I totally prefer the Santa Barbara zoo. For one thing, even though it's more than an hour away the drive for the most part is pretty. I love driving along the coast (even when it'd drizzling, which it was today). The other thing is that the zoo is right on the coast and you can see the ocean in the background of some of the exhibits, which is super cool.

We were there for about 4 hours and got to see everything.
First thing was the train ride.

(I tried for 20 minutes to put pictures of the kids on the train right here. But, even though I was asking Photobucket very nicely to resize them it was choosing not to. Instead of enormous pictures right here, we're going to use our imaginations. k? There was a train. We rode it. You've seen've seen cute imagine it.)

We spent a long time at the Giraffes because you can pay to go onto this platform to feed them!


I'm not sure who liked it more, the kids or my mom!

Giraffes have freakishly long tongues! I knew that, but had never been licked by one until today!

Check out the ocean in the background

I wont bore you with 800 pictures from the zoo but here's one of a rare breed of huge (clothed) baby birds


We found on empty stage on the way to the monkeys...and there is only one thing to do when you find an empty stage.


When we were done at the zoo we drove over to the beach. The boys were begging to play in the water and I was trying to remind them that it was 50 degrees outside. We compromised and walked on the pier and got some dinner at a restaurant at the end of it.

We froze as we walked, but it was worth it. The restaurant was nice and warm and the food was soooo good. While we waited for out seats, the boys checked out the lobsters.


We sat at a long bar facing a window. The water was really choppy and it was raining but the view was still good and we were happy.

Here's McKay and my mom right before they cracked open their crab (Gentry had grilled cheese)

It started to pour on our way home, but we made it and now we're in our warm house and the boys are sound asleep. I'm listening to the rain and contemplating which pay per view movie I want to watch.

It was a good day.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

too random for a title

wow, I'm like the worst blogger ever. It's been two weeks.

Here's a rundown of what's new. In no particular order.

I broke my sewing machine. In my defense it was from like 1950 (slight exaggeration) and probably wanted to die anyway. But still. blah.

This was particularly sucky because I'm in the middle of making a quilt for a friend to give to her mom for her birthday on Monday. (I don't care if that's a run on sentence or whatever, I really don't). So, I bought a new sewing machine. It's fancy and computerized and pretty. And confusing and frustrating. But pretty.

changing subjects...stay with me....

We have this neighbor that lives down the street. She's very nice, but full of issues (who isn't really, I suppose). She has panic anxiety, sleeps really weird hours, rarely leaves her house, and is a hoarder.

Of animals and things. (like 12 cats, birds, sugar gliders, 2 dogs, a rabbit etc.)

She has 4 kids that love her, but have moved away and started families of their own, and because of the state of her house rarely come to visit.
McKay and Gentry actually love to visit her because some of her obsessions that have lead to the hoarding are 1. Things that light up 2. Coca Cola 3. Titanic 4. Christmas decorations plus many other random things. She has tons of things to look at and touch. That along with her animals make it a fun place to go. They don't even seem to notice the clutter or the fact that even though it's a 4 bedroom house, there is a roughly 2 foot wide path from room to room and nowhere to sit. I on the other hand get stressed out the moment we walk in. But, because she doesn't let many people in, and because I know she's lonely...we stop by occasionally when we are taking walks or riding bikes or what-have-you.


Last week she said she realized that she needed to do something if she ever wanted to see her kids and asked me if I would come down and help her if she paid me. I told her I'd come and she didn't have to pay me. I was just glad she's finally ready to do something about the situation. It's not healthy for her or her pets.

Holy Moly. I should think before I speak.

Like I said, she sleeps weird hours. Pretty much, she's awake while the rest of the world is sleeping. So, every night after the kids are in bed and Carrie is home from work I've been going over to help her. I planned to go from 8-midnight every night but it seems like midnight comes and goes and I never leave before 2am. It's one of those situations where things got way worse before they got any better. I'm finally starting to see some improvement but it's still ridiculous. I know I can't bail on her now, but I'm feeling overwhelmed by the whole thing. I just can't imagine how someone's house gets so out of hand. I'm exhausted and frustrated. I've had less patience with the boys, which I feel guilty own house needs some attention, I haven't even started my book club book and everyone else is probably done with it. Blah.

What started out as a way to help someone has really put me in a bad mood. That is totally the opposite of the intention. It's no good. No good at all.

Join me please as I change subjects again...

About a month ago McKay won the reflections contest at school. They had an assembly for the winners and gave them ribbons. We missed it. Apparently they were supposed to send home a letter to all of the winners and somehow forgot to give McKay his letter. I was mad about it at the time but the lady that ran the contest called and apologized and McKay didn't seem too upset so I let it go. But, apparently his entry went on to the district competition and he won that too!! We got an invitation to go to the District ceremony in April. Way cooler than the assembly at school! I guess things work out. I'm proud of him.

His school also does this neighborhood program where they offer different classes at a nearby church. I guess it's not technically through his school but anyway he's going to start taking hip hop dance classes. It might be the funniest thing ever. He really wants to do it and he actually has more rythm than you would expect from a white boy. Should be interesting...

and that is all. See you in two weeks.