Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My brother is cooler than yours

The Rockies are the National League Champs.
On to the world series.
Maybe if the Dodgers could get their act together we could see them headed to World Series one day.
Then again, maybe not. That's not really their style!

Anyway, back to the Rockies...

Adam did a Rockies mural for a bar right outside of Coors Field, and the local news came and did a story on him! He called to let us know and my mom was really excited so she was calling everyone that we know in Denver to see if someone could record it for us. Thankfully she did get a hold of someone at the last minute, so we should be getting it in the mail sometime this week.

Then yesterday the local newspaper came and interview him and they ran a little story about him with this picture

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I think it's really cool. He really does have talent, and it's good to see him using it for good instead of evil!

If I knew how to put links in here, I would link the story...unfortunately I'm just not that cool.

Anyway, good job Adam. You're the coolest guy I know (today).

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SpooWriter said... Go Adam. :-)

(And, to put a link in, copy the link. Then, highlight the word that you want to be a link, and then click the button just to the right of the text color looks like a green blob with a silver blob -- that is supposed to be a link in a chain -- on top. A box will pop up, paste your link, click okay, et voila.)