Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I was bored until a house (or 5) exploded.

So I ran out of the house with no shoes. But I had my camera (which still has a faulty lens, urg.) and drove towards the smoke. I got about two block down Woodley before I had to park because the traffic was so horrendous.

I know you aren't really supposed to go towards a fire...

I walked (barefoot) as far as I could before I got to the police barricade and I couldn't really see anything except fire trucks and police cars. And smoke. And hoards of people.

It's funny how things like this bring people out of their houses and suddenly they are talking to their neighbors. On a normal day where nothing horrible happens they probably wouldn't give each other the time of day.

From what everyone was saying, a house exploded. Or it was five houses. But nobody was hurt. Or a whole family was home and they didn't make it out. It was a meth lab. Or they were storing fireworks in the garage.

If only people knew facts before they started blabbing.

I guess I'll wait for the 10 o'clock news. That may be a slightly more reliable source of info.

I didn't get many good pictures but at least I had some excitement tonight! Now for those books...

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