Wednesday, October 3, 2007

sponges watching sponges

I have a pet peeve, if that's what you wanna call it.


Let me clarify...not all fact some days cartoons are the only thing that bring a calm over the house and give me a chance to do those pesky tasks that always need to be done (laundry is never ending!), but I CAN NOT stand certain cartoons especially Spongebob which are not at all appropriate for young kids and yet are played in the middle of the morning when the only kids that should be home are under the age of 5.
I know that I have the power to turn it off, and I do...but it annoys me that the people responsible for the program scheduling do not have enough sense to put those kind of cartoons on later in the day.
Not to mention the fact that I can not stand Spongebob, period. It's not like in the I can't stand Barney kind of way...Barney annoys me, the songs are cheesy and the kids are obnoxious, but at least I can see the basic goal of that show is to teach kids problem solving abilities and how to treat other people and to illustrate the power of using your imagination. I can't find a redeeming value in Spongebob. Some episodes are better than others, but for the most part the characters are mean to each other and the language is rough and I don't see how that teaches anything positive. Kids are sponges (no pun intended!) and they pick up everything. It contains endless amounts of adult humor and yet is marketed towards young kids which I think is irresponsible.
That's the end of this rant. for now :)

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