Monday, October 22, 2007

A short asian man

On Mondays McKay has music class, which means that usually we are graced with some lyrical accompaniment during dinner and baths and any other evening activity that we have going on. Sometimes, I have to say that I tune him out. I think it's cute that he sings the songs he learns at school...but he sings the same song over and over (whatever he learned that day) and it does get a bit annoying.

So today all afternoon he was singing a song. Over and over again. And my brain just wasn't paying attention to it. Until about 5:30 when he was sitting at the table doing his homework and I was in the kitchen and I'm hearing

"There's a short asian man...a short asian man..." to the tune of "The cheese stands alone".

Suddenly I think to myself, that's a weird song for first grade. What is the relevance??

It turns out what he was really saying was "there's a short A in Lamb, a short A in lamb..."

Clearly that makes more sense. I should pay closer attention.

The problem is that now I have "there's a short asian man" stuck in my head.

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SpooWriter said...

*cough* At least it wasn't "A-a-apple, b-b-ball, c-c-cat and d-d-doll" *cough*

Or "Each of us is a flower."

Or "The world is a rainbow."

Or "ding-ding-ding, a winter holiday; ding-ding-ding, a jolly holiday."

I swear, one of the reasons I teach the big guys is so I don't have to hear those songs anymore.