Friday, November 30, 2007

feeling happy

Rain rain, don't go away.
Stay for a few more days.

We just got done baking some chocolate chip cookies. The house smells great, it's nice and cozy inside. We're going to put jammies on in a bit and watch Polar Express and drink hot chocolate.

The boys have been obsessed with Shrek the Halls for the last 2 days. I'm ready to watch something else!

The Christmas season is so much fun. It can get stressful sometimes, but it also brings out kindness in people and togetherness and all that fun stuff. Plus, there's all that good food :)

I'm glad it's Friday. Tomorrow lights go up on the house.


SpooWriter said...

"I'm ready to watch something else," says the woman who could probably, at one time, quote all of The Parent Trap 2.

You do realize the irony there, yeah? ;-)

Amie said...

pretty sure I could still do it :)