Wednesday, November 28, 2007


McKay has been on the verge of losing his two front teeth for some time now. In the last 2 days it seems that almost all of our conversation somehow get rerouted to the subject of the tooth fairy. This is very important business, clearly. This was the conversation tonight at dinner...

Gentry: "Where does the tooth fairy get the money that she leaves under your pillow?"

Me: "um, I'm not sure exactly"

McKay: "maybe she sells the teeth she collects to God for new babies to use"

Gentry: "When Tessa gets teeth we should look and see if they are our old teeth"

McKay: "yeah, we would have to look really careful. Like with a telescope."

Gentry: "no, a magnifying glass"

Me: "sounds like a plan"

Gentry: "Maybe the tooth fairy just gets her money from having lemonade sales"

McKay; "Can we have a lemonade sale?"

Me: "sure, but you can't use the earnings to buy old teeth from people. Deal?"

Both boys: "deal."

They make me smile.

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kelly said...

I love that train of thought. It made me smile too.