Friday, November 2, 2007


As much as I look forward to Halloween, for the excitement in the kids faces, for the fun of thinking up costumes and carving pumpkins and taking tractor rides at the pumpkin patch and hearing Gentry's little voice at each and every door Trick or treat. Thank you. Happy Halloween!! And watching the joy as they both run from one door to the next....there is one thing that I absolutely despise about this particular holiday.


Of course it's here so I eat it, sometimes without thinking about it even. And eat it. And eat it.

Until I want to vomit.

I know what you are thinking, have some self control. Yeah, there's none of that around here.

All I can say is thank God this only happens once a year.

Of course there's Easter, but that brings mostly jelly beans which I don't enjoy so it's safer.

Ooh, but on the bright side, when Halloween has passed I can always count on my birthday to be right around the corner.

Hope I'm not in a sugar coma by then.


SpooWriter said...

All I can say is...thank goodness there's not a Nacho Cheese Doritos holiday. I eat the leftover gum and sometimes purple Tootsie Pops, but that's about it.

If I ever eat candy at all, it's dark Bordeaux pieces and/or chocolate lollipops from See's, or Vermont Country Store maple candy,

Dawn said...

Visiting via the randomizer. Self control is a tough one. It starts with Thanksgiving for me (Canada, it is in October), then goes to Halloween, Grey cup, Christmas, New Years, Family day in Feb and my birthday in March. Not only is the candy a weakness, but the huge meals with great desserts. It is no wonder I am a little portly.

Lara said...

popped through via the randomiser and wanted to say hi. :)

i have the great fortune of disliking candy, so halloween doesn't bother me too much. i get the fun of costumes without the nausea from candy. :-P