Saturday, November 10, 2007

Free and girly

Before I cut my hair I wore it in a ponytail every day (for years). No matter what. Even if I took the time to do it in the morning (instead of the shower and go thing that happens way to often!), even if I thought it looked cute down...without fail it would be in a ponytail within an hour. It was kind of ridiculous, really.

On the rare occasion that I would accidentally leave the house without a rubber band, I would would be frantically looking for one under the seats in the car, in my purse, my pockets etc...I've actually stopped to buy one when my searches were unproductive. It was borderline psychotic.

Now it's too short for a pony tail. In fact that was my only request to the girl that cut it. NO PONY TAIL. I'm not completely sure that I love the haircut itself, but it's freeing not to rely on a rubber band to keep me sane.

Plus, it has some style now which has prompted me to wear a little more make-up, buy some new earrings and care a bit more about my appearance.

It feels good to be a little girly.

Maybe I'll post a picture tomorrow.

In some totally unrelated news:

I spent way too much money at Target today.

Saw Dan In Real Life tonight. I enjoyed it. It's been awhile since I've gone to a movie. I had fun.

I'm trying to figure out something fun to do with the kids on Monday since there is no school...


kelly said...

Dude... I could have written this post. I am a slave to the rubber band. I have a stock of them in my purse, in the car, and if I ever find myself without one, I freak out! I am forever trying to force myself to wear my hair down and styled, but it drives me nuts when it touches my face or gets in the way.
My solution was not a hair cut, but hats. I have purchased dozens of hats to wear. It keeps the hair out of my face, AND It's still sorta down.
You need to post a picture.
(once, I did cut all my hair off, but it didn't go with any of my clothes, so I had nothing to wear...hope that's not the case with you)

SpooWriter said...

My issue was the ears...can't stand having hair touch my ears.

But you're was nice when I got it all chopped off before Disney World. I actually own styling products now.