Wednesday, December 5, 2007

dear friend

Oh Ebay, my long lost friend. I have missed you. It's been awhile. But remember why we stopped hanging out? You were not good for me. Yes, you were fun to be around. but addicting. and costly. and time consuming. (But oh so much fun!) I want us to be friends again. The kind of friends that see each other every once in awhile. And I need you to be an accommodating friend...the kind that gives me what I want. I think that's fair. Now, what I need from you is that ridiculously cool old Polaroid camera. For a reasonable price. Please. Deal? ok, super. thanks.


kelly said...

Oh, sister! You have tickled me in just the right spot.
What Polaroid?
It is my secret love affair, you know. Poloaroid.
I have a sweet little collection of them.
And now we must talk more.
Send me links...
I promise not to outbid you.
Okay, I will try to keep that promise.

SpooWriter said...

I'm pretty sure my mom's dad has an old Polaroid camera. He's convinced he's moving to Palm Springs with his girlfriend at some point, so he's cleaning out lots of stuff. If he ever mentions the Polaroid I'll snag it for you.