Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I'm sure that I'm going to forget and write 2007 until at least February.

But I'm excited for the new year. It feels like I'm at a turning point in some regards and I'm looking forward to seeing where my life is headed. I'm not making any resolutions, so to speak, but change happens whether I like it or not so with some clear intentions and motivation I'm hoping to steer that change in a direction that makes me happier and more fulfilled.

I hope that everyone had a fun filled and safe New Year.

The decorations are down and it's back to regular life. Till next year :)

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SpooWriter said...

When I was getting the kids' work ready for next week, I had to work really hard to remember to write "2008" whenever it was necessary (some kids copy, trace, or match). I was proud...I only messed up once or twice.