Friday, January 25, 2008

I owe you one Holly

Some days are boring in a good way. Sometimes there's nothing better than knowing I have nothing that needs to be done, nowhere to be, no pressing responsibilities etc.

Today was not one of those days.

Today I was just plain bored. It's been raining for like 5 days and it was starting to get on my nerves. The boys are spending the night at their grandparents, so by 4 o'clock I didn't even have them to distract me (I'm not really complaining about that, just trying to convey the extreme boredom).

I called all sorts of friends to see if they wanted to do something, but everyone was busy. It's like they don't realize that sometimes I need them to drop everything to keep me company. Geez.

But day took a turn. For the freaking fantastic.

You see, two of the friends (Bridget and Stacey) that I had called gently reminded me that they were going to the Garth Brooks concert tonight. I should have remembered this since I've been sort of bitter about it for months! But in my boredom I forgot. (Not bitter at them really. They asked me to go before they bought the tickets but I couldn't justify spending the money at Christmas time).

Then at 4:30 Bridget called back and said that the third girl that was going suddenly couldn't and if I could be ready in ten minutes I could have the ticket.

I was ready in 3.

Talk about luck. I had just dropped the kids off. I was sitting at home by myself wondering how I was going to pass the next few hours before I could go to bed without feeling like a complete senior citizen. Within minutes I was on my way to the Staples Center to see an amazing concert.

And it was amazing.

I don't care if you don't even like country music. Garth Brooks is a spectacular performer. Trisha Yearwood came out and sang with him which wasn't really a surprise. But then Huey Lewis came out and sang. It was so random but so great! He ended the show singing American Pie. Random? yes. Great? YES!

I had a fun time with friends, got to see a great show and because I'm not much of a drinker I didn't have to pay $11 for a beer. Perfect night.

Oh, and I'm sleeping in tomorrow and I don't feel bad about it.

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