Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another Christmas come and gone

It's been 4 days since Christmas. 4 noisy days. Our house has come alive with a multitude of sounds. It seems that Santa wasn't all...and brought almost no quite toys. In fact, we now have a live band living here. Well maybe not a band so much as dueling guitars and LOTS of singing.

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Adam flew in on Christmas morning which was great because there was no one on the freeway and we made it to LAX in record time! Then his flight left yesterday morning at 6am which meant we left for the airport at 3:45. I'm making a new rule that I will only pick people up and drop them off at LAX if they fly in on Christmas and out at the crack off dawn. I've never driven faster than 40 on the 405. It was lovely.

We had a pretty relaxed Christmas (most of the noise was still packaged-speaking of which, who decided to start securing toys to their packaging with screws?? Like the plastic twisty do-hickeys weren't bad enough). We spent most of the day visiting friends and then had a quite dinner at home.

I finished Carrie's quilt just barely (meaning I was working on it all Christmas eve night after church and in between Santa duties). I think she loves it so it was worth the work. I used black and white fabrics and added black and white pictures from 2007 with a baby blue fabric for the back to throw in a little color. Picking the pictures was a fun process because I sat and looked through all of my pictures from this year. That was so much more time consuming than the actual quilting!


It is supposed to rain next week so I think I might take the boys up to the mountains for a night so they can play in the snow. We need some sort of activity so I don't lose my mind.

2 weeks of Christmas vacation down. 1 to go. I hope I can make it with at least some of my sanity left.

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kelly said...

That quilt looks wonderful. Worth the stress.
Is that the I Can Play Guitar? Does he like it? My 6 year old will be 7 in two weeks and I thought maybe I'd get it for him.