Thursday, February 14, 2008

too random for a title

wow, I'm like the worst blogger ever. It's been two weeks.

Here's a rundown of what's new. In no particular order.

I broke my sewing machine. In my defense it was from like 1950 (slight exaggeration) and probably wanted to die anyway. But still. blah.

This was particularly sucky because I'm in the middle of making a quilt for a friend to give to her mom for her birthday on Monday. (I don't care if that's a run on sentence or whatever, I really don't). So, I bought a new sewing machine. It's fancy and computerized and pretty. And confusing and frustrating. But pretty.

changing subjects...stay with me....

We have this neighbor that lives down the street. She's very nice, but full of issues (who isn't really, I suppose). She has panic anxiety, sleeps really weird hours, rarely leaves her house, and is a hoarder.

Of animals and things. (like 12 cats, birds, sugar gliders, 2 dogs, a rabbit etc.)

She has 4 kids that love her, but have moved away and started families of their own, and because of the state of her house rarely come to visit.
McKay and Gentry actually love to visit her because some of her obsessions that have lead to the hoarding are 1. Things that light up 2. Coca Cola 3. Titanic 4. Christmas decorations plus many other random things. She has tons of things to look at and touch. That along with her animals make it a fun place to go. They don't even seem to notice the clutter or the fact that even though it's a 4 bedroom house, there is a roughly 2 foot wide path from room to room and nowhere to sit. I on the other hand get stressed out the moment we walk in. But, because she doesn't let many people in, and because I know she's lonely...we stop by occasionally when we are taking walks or riding bikes or what-have-you.


Last week she said she realized that she needed to do something if she ever wanted to see her kids and asked me if I would come down and help her if she paid me. I told her I'd come and she didn't have to pay me. I was just glad she's finally ready to do something about the situation. It's not healthy for her or her pets.

Holy Moly. I should think before I speak.

Like I said, she sleeps weird hours. Pretty much, she's awake while the rest of the world is sleeping. So, every night after the kids are in bed and Carrie is home from work I've been going over to help her. I planned to go from 8-midnight every night but it seems like midnight comes and goes and I never leave before 2am. It's one of those situations where things got way worse before they got any better. I'm finally starting to see some improvement but it's still ridiculous. I know I can't bail on her now, but I'm feeling overwhelmed by the whole thing. I just can't imagine how someone's house gets so out of hand. I'm exhausted and frustrated. I've had less patience with the boys, which I feel guilty own house needs some attention, I haven't even started my book club book and everyone else is probably done with it. Blah.

What started out as a way to help someone has really put me in a bad mood. That is totally the opposite of the intention. It's no good. No good at all.

Join me please as I change subjects again...

About a month ago McKay won the reflections contest at school. They had an assembly for the winners and gave them ribbons. We missed it. Apparently they were supposed to send home a letter to all of the winners and somehow forgot to give McKay his letter. I was mad about it at the time but the lady that ran the contest called and apologized and McKay didn't seem too upset so I let it go. But, apparently his entry went on to the district competition and he won that too!! We got an invitation to go to the District ceremony in April. Way cooler than the assembly at school! I guess things work out. I'm proud of him.

His school also does this neighborhood program where they offer different classes at a nearby church. I guess it's not technically through his school but anyway he's going to start taking hip hop dance classes. It might be the funniest thing ever. He really wants to do it and he actually has more rythm than you would expect from a white boy. Should be interesting...

and that is all. See you in two weeks.

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kelly said...

I was thinking you were on a vacation!
So listen, I complain every time I do service for anyone. Internally, of course...but you are being so nice to your neighbor.
I have a relative with a house like that and I think it's just an outward expression of some inner craziness.
I think it's nice that you guys are her friends.
Oh, and about the book club..if it's ours you're talking about, people are having trouble getting through the book, so take your time. I am the only one that even likes it really. Oh well.
I liked this random post. I think you are a good writer.