Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy hump day

The weather was beautiful today. It was in the 80's. It's almost 6pm and this is the first time we've been inside all day. Love days like this.

I took Gentry to the park this morning. It was full of people. Mostly moms and their preschoolers.

As I watched and listened to everything going on I noticed something kind of interesting. People don't call their kids by their names! I mean they do occasionally but for the most part I heard more nicknames than real names being called out (unless a particular kid was doing something really rotten...then the whole real name came out-first and middle).

I started to think about it and I'm totally guilty of it too. I'm surprised the boys even know what their names are! McKay answers to Kay-Kay, cake, cakie, Stewie, Bubba, and chubs, just to name a few. And when I say he answers to them I mean without skipping a beat he will respond to all of those. Same thing with Gentry. He's Bean, Turtle dove, monkey, doodle, Wallace, Beanicus, and G-E-N-T-R-Y (because he tells everyone everywhere how to spell his name). As a duo they will respond to Boise Idaho (I don't even know how that started), Lankers, and DD.

I would say they are probably called by one nickname or another about 85% of the time.

And yet somehow they know their real names. They never question the nicknames.

I hope I'm not setting them up for some sort of identity crisis in the future!

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