Monday, February 25, 2008

Just another perk of living in CA

I have this really weird feeling that we are about to have an earthquake.

I think it might be stemming from the fact that I just realized that since we have been back from Albuquerque (as in moved back, not back from vacation- so almost two years ago) we haven't had one that was big enough to make me take notice. In fact neither of the boys has ever felt one. We have talked about them plenty, and discussed what to do when it happens (cause it will happen...) but I think living out of state for a few years sort of made me let my guard down. I was looking around the house today and realizing that I probably have WAY too many picture frames on the wall.

I remember after the Northridge earthquake I slept with my shoes by the bed and knew where at least 10 flashlights were at any given time. Now, I know where exactly two flashlights are and I'm lucky if my shoes are together as a pair somewhere.

The only positive thing that would come from us having an earthquake right now is that you wouldn't be able to tell in the boys room. It already looks like some kind of natural disaster has occurred.


kelly said...

Now I will be super impressed/creeped out if you really do have an earthquake in the near future.

SpooWriter said... of my aides was saying the same thing. I don't feel it, but, then, my sixth sense has always been...well, family members dying -- even ones I haven't met.

Since Aide T said that, though, I admit -- I've been trying not to go below 1/2 a tank of gas.