Monday, March 3, 2008

seriously, photobucket?

I used to think that it was really loser-ish to buy myself flowers. I refused to do it. But these days it almost feels mandatory. I can't resist them when I'm at Trader Joe's or Costco. They call out to me and beg me to take them home. So I do.
I think I can stay out of the loser category as long as I don't order them and have them delivered to myself!

These just brighten my day. Somehow just having them on the counter makes doing the dishes less awful.



and while we are on the subject, may I add that a little John Mayer makes folding laundry more enjoyable!

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kelly said...

You're only a loser if you write lovey-dovey notes to yourself and affix them to flowers that you then have delivered to yourself.

Also, John Mayer makes me happy too.