Friday, December 7, 2007

Wally World

Tomorrow is McKay's last soccer game, followed by a little party for his team at Chuck E. Cheese. I'm making sweatshirts for his coaches with pictures of the team on them as a thank you gift (even though one of the coaches sort of skipped out on the "coaching" part of being a coach about 3 games in and pretty much just sits on the sidelines...but that's beside the point. Kinda.) So of course I waited until the last minute to start this project and ended up running around all afternoon trying to find iron-on transfers for dark fabric.

Michaels was out.
Office Max was out.
Target was out.

So I ended up at Walmart. (Go ahead, judge me. I judge me too). I am typically not a fan of Walmart. I'm a Target girl. Yes Walmart is cheaper...but Target is just, well, it's just better. It's cleaner and less crowded and the quality of stuff they sell is better, plus the employees (and the customers) are, (how do I say this nicely?) more likely to have all of their teeth. Oh and there's the added bonus that both of the Targets nearby have Starbucks in them now. And I heart Starbucks.

I'm getting off the subject.

Walmart had the transfers that I needed. So I grabbed them and headed to the checkout and got into the line that looked the shortest. I should know by now that's never a good idea. Everything was going smoothly until the person in front of the person in front of me got ready to pay...and didn't have enough money. Which in and of itself is ok with me. That happens to everyone. But I was growing less and less patient with her circumstances when she took 10 minutes to decide what to put back. But still I'm thinking, ok I'm almost next in line. All of the other lines were busy so it didn't seem logical to get out of my line and try another. UNTIL it's time for the guy in front of me to get rung up and he starts disputing the price of half the stuff he was buying. And now is when the cashier does the dreaded flipping of the switch that makes the light above her register start flashing. And my heart sank. Are you kidding me?? really?? Sir, I'll give you the 86 cents that is the difference between whether or not you want that toothpaste. And I'll throw in the 30 cents that you think you are being overcharged for wrapping paper. Heck, I'll give you a whole 2bucks if we can just get the show on the road. We waited for a few minutes for someone to run and check the price of a few things and then come back and tell the guy that he was wrong. UGH!

Generally I try to have more patience then this but I was tired of shopping and I was hungry and those two things together will pretty much never equal patience for me.

These sweatshirts better turn out cute!

yes, that's right. It's after 10 and I haven't finished them. Whatever.

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