Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Besides the fact that it took 4 attempts to get the IV in, everything went smoothly today. Once the IV was in, it stayed put. The lump is gone. They'll test it and I should have results by next week.

Onto a happier subject.

Here's a story in pictures of our wonderful trip to Disneyland/California Adeventure last week. We had a blast! It was the first time for the two littlest kids (Carlos and cousins from Albuquerque), which made it a little more magical and special. They were in heaven.

Ya gotta start the day nice and clean!

Next stop, the hotel lobby...we're getting closer...

Kill time with your friends while you wait for the tram.

(shake that booty, Mckay!)

Short little ride from the hotel

Grab a buddy and in we go...

We made it!

Our tour guide showed us where to go first

along the way we said hi to some new friends.

and had fun with our old ones.

rode some rides

ate a bunch of junk food

and tried to stay hydrated

We watched some parades

and the Playhouse Disney show

and there's a slight chance someone took too many pictures

It was a much needed little vacation!!


SpooWriter said... went on that spinny...rocket...thing. Golden Zephyr? That ride gets too little love. It's cute, easy-going, and gives you a nice breeze on hot days.

I love the candy picture. I myself am disturbed that they no longer have dark chocolate coated caramel apples.

Also, the pics of CA Adventure at night are awesome. I haven't been there at night with my camera since I discovered the 2-second-timer trick to not getting blurred photos.

Now, about the four could have been worse. When Patrick went back to the hospital just after he was born, they tried 13 times and ended up putting the IV in his head.

Amie said...

I remember that! I was actually thinking of him while they were jamming the needle into my arm.

SpooWriter said...

I did that too when I had to have the blood test from the Bite Incident. I figured, at least it's not in my head.