Saturday, April 12, 2008

and the hits just keep on coming

So, I'm just sitting here enjoying a quiet Saturday afternoon. The boys are at their grandparents doing yard work (which is basically their favorite pastime...and it tires them out- win win situation) so I'm reading my new book and really getting into the story and my cell phone rings.

It's Bridget.

One of my very closest friends in the world.

We're chit chatting light heartedly about nothing for a few minutes and suddenly the mood changes she says "I have to tell you something"

knot. stomach.

And the "something" she tells me is that she's getting deployed.

To Iraq.

(she's a reservist in the Navy)

Now I know that there are blogs about politics, about wars, and about certain presidents that suck and I really don't want this to be one of them.

But, I also really don't want Bridget to go to Iraq.

And I wish I didn't go see Stop Loss last night. Really regretting that decision right now.

And now I want to vomit.


SpooWriter said...

Oh, goodness.

There's nothing I can really say that will help, and I don't know if this would even be allowed or not, but our school has been sending letters and care packages to troops -- once Bridget has her info, I'd be happy to pass it along to our principal, who coordinates the whole thing.

Meanwhile, I'll be thinking of her, and hoping she comes home safely just like 4th Grade Teacher K's brother did earlier this year.

Amie said...

Thank you. That would be so cool.
I know it's selfish of me to be upset. Lots of people have loved ones over there. But, I feel how I feel....and it's my blog!

Câmera Digital said...

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SpooWriter said...

No problem.

And I don't think it's really selfish -- I think that people in general "abstractize" large groups of people (like the thousands that died in the tsunami, for instance) because that's the only way to deal with it.

If you felt every single one of those deaths or injuries, you'd be huddled in a ball somewhere unable to cope with life.

I think (philosophizing here) that's why The Diary of Anne Frank is so popular. People want to understand the Holocaust, but the figures are just so overwhelming that you need that human face to put on it.

It's the human version of "can't see the trees for the forest."