Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I really really really don't like wind.

It's very odd that I put up pictures and they are huge and I curse photobucket but I leave them big and then the next thing I know they are normal size again...

T-ball just started up again. This will be Gentry's first time playing. There really isn't anything funnier than watching 4 year olds "playing" t-ball and not a whole lot that is cuter than little guys in their uniforms.

You know what starts right after the t-ball season? Real baseball! I'm predicting the Dodgers are going to suck less than usual this year, and I'm hoping for a repeat of the '88 world series now, 20 years later. How awesome would that be?

This has nothing to do with baseball, but I just found out that some of my family members (I won't even try to explain who's's confusing) are going to come out from Albuquerque during spring break. I'm really excited because one of the people coming is Leah and she's McKay's best friend in the entire world.


They don't see much of each other and I think he's going to pee his pants when he hears that she's coming. We're going to go to Disneyland for two days which should be a blast (expensive, but fun). BUT, the excitement is mixed with a little bit of pure fear because this trip means that for 3 days we will have 11 people in our house. 4 adults, 7 KIDS. Yikes. I hope the Easter bunny brings ear plugs. And maybe Benodryl. (kidding!)

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kelly said...

There is nothing cuter than little boys in baseball uniforms. Your boys' little faces are SO cute. Seriously. I know that you think they are, but truly.