Sunday, November 9, 2008


Wicked was awesome. The whole night was a lot of fun. We went with a small group of people but McKay was the only kid. I could tell he felt like big shot. He acted so maturely, I was very proud of him. We went to dinner at 25 Degrees. Delicious.

The show was great, and funnier than I expected.

Since it didn't even start till 8pm, McKay was up way later than usual. He made it as long as he could but crashed in the lobby after the show while we waited for a few people to use the restroom.

We had walked about a mile to the theater from where we had dinner. We were planning on getting a cab back to the car since it was late (Hollywood late at night scares me a little) and walking in heels sucks. But then we found out that no cabs were were running in the direction we needed to go because the street had been shut down for a gay rights protest (an anti prop 8 rally, basically). So we walked.

I've never been in the middle of a protest before. It was kind of cool except that my feet were bleeding from my stupid shoes. Plus I had to carry McKay most of the way. But there was an energy in the air and it was nice to see people standing up for something they believe. It may not do any good, in fact I'm fairly sure it wont but at least they felt like they were doing something.

Thankfully it was a peaceful protest. Everyone was behaving.

Well, except for this guy

He was repeatedly yelling "GAY PEOPLE SHOULD ALL DIE".
(And I was thinking, no sir, that outfit should die)

In response someone kept yelling back "One day we will", which I thought was a very mature way to handle such a stupid remark.

McKay was a little freaked out by the crowd and all of the police in their riot gear so we didn't hang around long. Plus it was really late.

What an interesting and fun night.

Minus the bleeding toes.

Next I'd like to take the kids to see The Grinch. But we'll park closer and I'm wearing flats.


SpooWriter said...

Skip the parking entirely -- park at the subway station near Universal Studios and take the subway.

The Hollywood/Vine station is literally across the street from the Pantages.

You just cross the street at the light just to the right of the theater if you are facing it, et voila! :-)

Deirdre said...

Congratulations on winning the measuring cups from Pioneer Woman!

Also, that was a mature response to the wackadoodle guy in amazing red pants. And shirt.