Monday, November 3, 2008


So another Halloween is over and for the last few days it has actually felt like Fall. I'm enjoying it while it lasts. We went to the pumpkin patch a few weekends ago and it was 90 degrees! It depressed me. You'd think I'd be used to it, growing up here and all, but I feel myself longing for more noticable seasons. More and more often I find myself thinking about moving out of California. It's ironic that the weather is what draws many people to this state and it would be a big factor in making me leave.

Anyway, we're here for the time being and I can't believe it's already November again. This past year has flown by. I think I say that every year around this time, when Christmas is right around the corner and I think didn't we just do this?? Before I know it it'll be time to get the lights out and start buying presents and enjoying all that the Christmas season brings...and then in a flash it'll be over again. I'm trying to live in the moment and enjoy now and for that reason I'm not thinking about the fact that my birthday is coming up and I'm inching my way closer to 30. Nope, not thinking about it at all.

Or maybe I can't stop thinking about it. It's one of those two things :)

Now, pictures. (Please excuse that fact that Elvis's hair came un-hairsprayed about 10 minutes into trick or treating and he ended up with an afro. We know Elvis didn't have an afro, I promise. Funny thing about trick or treating though, you get candy regardless of if your hair is accurate.)

Happy Fall!

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SpooWriter said...

I think of moving quite a bit too -- the weather in Seattle or Portland is really appealing -- but although I can definitely see him being on his own (with support), I wouldn't want to be more than a couple hours' drive from Patrick...and he would never move away from Disneyland.

Someday, when they invent transporters...I'm there.