Saturday, October 25, 2008

They weren't even solid gold pajamas

Mckay and Gentry have some good friends that live in Albuquerque...Tori, Tylor and Travis. We met them when Tori and McKay were in preschool together and quickly became inseparable. My cousin Leah was in their class too. Together they were the 3 musketeers. (It's kind of interesting to note that McKay was totally drawn to girls at that point and played with them way more than he played with boys...4 years later it's quite the opposite). Tylor is the same exact age as Gentry so play dates were perfect. (Travis hadn't been born yet when we lived there. He's two now). Anyway, when we moved away it was really sad for the kids. McKay missed Tori (and Leah) horribly , and vice versa. To make things a little easier on them we would send little packages back and forth from time to time. Mostly just little notes, pictures they had drawn for each other etc. They exchange gifts during the holidays and birthdays. Every January we go back to Albuquerque to see them and celebrate Tori's birthday. We usually see them once during the summer. I love that their friendship is still solid. Their mom, Yolanda, is wonderful and puts out an equal amount of effort to keep the kids in touch.

Anyway, I had put together a box of Halloween stuff to send them. Nothing extravagant...just Halloween pj's and some cupcake mix and a few little odds and ends. I've had it packed and ready to be mailed for at least three weeks. So unlike me! I got as far as taking it to the car. Where it sat on the back seat for a week. Totally like me. So on Friday I finally made it over to the post office and went to get the box out of the car and it wasn't there. I checked the car and trunk like 20 times. Nothing. I went home and looked everywhere for it. The whole time I was looking in the house I knew it was in vain. It was in the car. I know it. The boys commented on it being in their way multiple times. I could picture it on the seat waiting for me to get my act together and mail it. I felt like I was going a little crazy. Especially when my mom and Carrie both kept saying "Are you sure you didn't mail it?" and I kept insisting that I hadn't. But by yesterday afternoon I started to doubt myself. Could I really have mailed something and not have any recollection of doing it?? I was questioning my own sanity. The box couldn't have just vanished. I had to have moved it. But to where? I emailed Yolanda just to double check that they had in fact not received a package from us.

Cut to this afternoon. We were walking Oakley and found the box in the gutter about two blocks away. It had been ripped open, the card opened, the pj's gone. The cupcake mix and a few other things still there, soggy from the gutter.

So, basically someone took it out of my car. They took what they wanted and left the rest.

How naive am I that I hadn't even really considered that possibility?

I can't figure out when it would have happened. Ever since my purse was stolen over the summer I'm anal about locking the car.

People really suck sometimes. Obviously it was a package for kids. It wasn't worth anything. I mean, you could take the pajamas back to target and get the cash, but they weren't made of gold. You'd get maybe $25 total.

It's really annoying.

The upside is that I'm not crazy!

Fabians, we love you guys and we miss you!


SpooWriter said...

Aww, that's too bad.

Maybe you left it on your car or something? You know, moved it to let the boys get in...? It's still rotten, but....

Amie said...

You know, I thought about that today...maybe they set it on the curb when they got in or something. It makes sense.
Oh well. My fault, I suppose, for not mailing it in a more timely fashion!