Saturday, September 13, 2008

Semi famous

I was sitting in traffic today listening to the radio and the DJ announced a giveaway if you were caller 25. I swear to you I never pay any attention to those things but for some reason I called. And I won! I didn't even know what the prize was at first but I honestly didn't even care. I was looking around at all of the other cars thinking Do you all realize that I just won concert tickets off of the radio? That's right. Me. Right here.
Surprisingly, nobody looked back at me or cared. But that didn't lessen my excitement. Since there was like a two minute delay before they actually announced my name, I celebrated in my car, alone. But then the texts started coming in Hey, you just won tickets on the radio. They just announced your name on the radio! You won! Take me with you!!

You guys, I was like semi-famous for a second. Yay me!

It's Travis Tritt tickets for some acoustic concert he's doing in November. I might actually just give the tickets away. But I can give them away, cause they're mine. Cause I WON them!!!

It totally made my day.

But I also wanted to say that my heart goes out to anyone affected (effected? ugh. Jennifer, don't hate me) by the Metro crash today. I was on Chatsworth st. very nearby when it happened and I could tell by the amount of police/fire/paramedics that came raising passed that it was something major. For the record, I know concert tickets are totally trivial. Winning them was way cool but in no way life changing. Also, I think it's a tad bit insensitive that the people giving the news conferences keep making special mention of the off duty police officer that was killed. While that is tremendously sad, I don't really feel like it's more of a loss to the community than anyone else that died. Being a police officer is wonderful. Maybe there was a teacher, or a nurse, a garbage man, mail carrier, waitress, receptionist or artist among the casualties. They were all people. I would imagine that each one of them has a family, neighbors, coworkers and friends that will be equally affected (? here we go again) by their death. It's a horribly sad situation all the way around.

Did you like how I went straight from Woohoo! to Boo. without any warning at all? Sorry bout that

But hey, look who just posted something on their "blog" aka thing that just sits around taking up precious Internet space.


kelly said...

I never win anything. Even when I get "that feeling" that this time is gonna be the time. Nothing.

But Travis Tritt, huh? Does this mean you are a country fan?

SpooWriter said...

Congrats on the tickets. :-)

And you're right about affected. :-)


Affect = to cause something to change, as in, "he was greatly affected by the tragedy," pronounced "uh-fect"


Affect = rarely used, but, how your face looks, as in, "his flat affect showed little emotion," pronounced with a short a as in cat - "a-fect"

Effect = the result of a change, as in "cause and effect," usually pronounced "uh-fect"


Effect = rarely used, but "to cause a change," as in, "He effected a number of systems changes as soon as he was elected." Pronounced with a long e, as in "Ee-fect."

Today's grammar lesson brought to you by the letters A and E. :-)