Friday, September 26, 2008

Maybe I'll join a biker gang.

I had several things that needed to get accomplished today. None of those things included washing my cell phone with my sheets or getting a tattoo. But guess what?! I'm an overachiever.

So now I have no phone, till tomorrow when Verizon promises the new one will be at my door. And why is it that I feel sorta like I'm missing a limb?? It's not like I get that many calls. I mean, really. And how 2008 is it of me not to have really important phone numbers written somewhere instead of just stuck in my really clean phone? And all of my saved texts from like the last year? Gone. I suck.

And in case you missed that casual mention...I GOT A TATTOO. OMG. I'm not sure I can pull of a tattoo. Can I pull off a tattoo??? I'll post a picture. You can decide.

It's the last weekend of the fair. So we're driving out to Pomona tomorrow and I'm gonna eat something delicious. Something fried, I'm sure. And at the rate I'm going, maybe I'll get something pierced. Or just get shitfaced.

Probably not, though.


kelly said...

A tattoo???
What is it? Where's the picture?

Amie said...

it's my dog's paw print on my wrist...I'll put the picture up momentarilly :)

SpooWriter said...


And all I did today was give a spelling test, tell my new aide she had to be meaner (essentially), and make Bulldozer cry because he had to do his morning journal (which he does happily every other day of the year) after his spelling test.

As for the tattoo...(1) you are far braver than I, and (2) I had a roommate in college who says they're addictive. Beware. ;-)