Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Happy 5th Birthday Gentry Bean!

I have to admit that I'm a little sad. Five seems really old to me. Like he's out of the little boy phase and into being just a boy.

But he's a cute boy. Little or not.

And he's excited to be five.

He woke up this morning and asked me if his voice was any deeper. And then made me measure him.

The voice was the same. But he did grow an inch and a half since last year, which thrilled him, naturally.

He had a Spongebob party on Sunday. It was his first real birthday party where there were more kids than adults. He loved every minute of it.

And he got spoiled rotten. But he deserves it. He's a good kid.

A wild, funny, caring, energetic, sweet, lovable boy. A boy that keeps me on my toes, and says random things that make me laugh, and gives hugs without being asked and plays the "I love you more than..." game at least once a day. He's wise beyond his years, has an amazing memory, a contagious laugh, the worlds smallest teeth, and a sarcastic wit.

And he's 5!

I kinda can't believe it, actually.

Time seriously flies.

It's been an awesome five years. I hope he thinks so too!

My boy.

Happy birthday, buddy!


kelly said...

w.o.w. that looks like some party!
Love that last picture of him.

i'm kelly said...

what a cutie. and the was some party!