Monday, June 2, 2008

Give and Take.

I found something today that I thought I had lost. It's been missing for like two years.

Yay for that.

I paid $4.23 for gas today.


I'm shooting my first wedding in 5 days.


I kinda want to throw up a little when I think about it.


We are leaving for our road trip in 17 days.

So excited.

Gas will probably go up like 20 cents by then.

No good.

My brother turns 30 in 4 days.


I'm not far behind him.


That's all.


SpooWriter said...

It's brain works by association, but I never could remember if Adam was 11 days older than me, with a birthday on the 6th, or 6 days older than me with a birthday on the 11th. ;-)

And, why I remember that conundrum now after all this time baffles me. Oh well. ;-)

BTW -- congrats on the wedding. Can I start recommending you to people now? ;-)

Amie said...

yes, please :)

kelly said...

Five days??? Very exciting.

And, thirty isn't so bad.

i'm kelly said...

this was fun, and i'm turning 30 this month. boo.