Monday, May 12, 2008

I hate you, flu. Even the 24 hour version of you.

We are now going on thirteen hours of no one throwing up.

Today is a vast vast improvement over yesterday!

Anyway, sometimes people want to hear funny things kids say, right? I mean didn't Art Linkletter have a whole show based on this premise? Ok then.

Friday night we went to the Dodger game. It was a late game. It didn't start till 7:40 which is exactly 20 minutes before Gentry's bedtime. And these games aren't short. Generally they last 3 hours or so. Which is exactly 2 hours and 59 minutes and 30 seconds longer than Gentry wants to sit still and watch a baseball game. Plus it was cold. He was hating life.

(That is all irrelevant information. I'm not sure why I shared it.)

All you really needed from that was 1) we were at a Dodger game, and 2) it was cold. Actually you really only need to know that it was cold. Oy.

Around the third inning he climbed onto (into?) my lap and I was rubbing his back. We had a little converstaion. It went like this.

ME: You have to sit here for the rest of the game, you're keeping me cozy.
HIM: why? Cause when you love someone it makes your heart warm?

(and I wanted to say "no, basically just because of your body heat" But, I thought it was a sweet little question so...)

ME: yep. Exactly.

HIM: I bet when you get married together with someone it feels like your heart is wearing a sweater.

ME: yeah, an itchy wool turtleneck.

Oh wait. I didn't say that. I think I said "You're the cutest little thing". And he is.

Then today the other boy had something to say. He was watching something on the cartoon network. I'll be completely honest and admit that I have no idea what it was. But a commercial came on...

HIM: I wish I was rich.
ME: Why, buddy?

HIM: Cause, that guy is rich and look at all those hot girls with him.
What the?

ME: And what do you want hot girls for? (and, also, where did you learn that phrase??)

HIM: Cause they're hot.

ME: Seriously? YOU'RE SIX!


SpooWriter said...

There's this kid that I see every year that I teach summer school. We'll call him Johnny (WAY not his real name). Johnny has some sort of intellectual disability, which I mention only to say that I doubt he's being intentionally...crass....

Johnny, who is in 6th grade (I think), walks up to people and greets them thusly:

"Hey, hot stuff," or "Hi, sexy."

kelly said...


and then,